What’s Your ‘Money Script’ ​? Is It Holding You Back?

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You must do the things you think you cannot do.

Eleanor roosevelt

Money script is the unconscious beliefs about money that are rooted in our childhood and ultimately shape our financial health.

Carly grew up in a wealthy family and rarely wanted for anything. She wore beautiful clothes, was given a new car when she turned sixteen, and had full access to her parents’ credit cards.  She went to college and married shortly after graduation.  While her husband had a successful career and worked extremely hard, they did not have the kind of wealth and the lifestyle she grew up with.

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Based on a childhood in which she always got everything she wanted and more, she believed that money would always be there, and she was entitled to spend with no restrictions.  It wasn’t until her husband lost his corporate job that she was forced to change her behavior and her spending patterns. It took a traumatic event for Carly to face her habit of overspending and feelings of resentment toward her husband. While the stress of job loss and money conflict nearly destroyed her marriage, as a couple they were willing to work at it. Carly realized she had to look at herself first, address her own irrational money beliefs, and then was prepared to work on her marriage.

Like Carly, all of us have the opportunity to rewrite our money scripts. It’s never too late to change a limiting belief. Our beliefs have likely been present for a long time and reshaping is not an overnight process. Give yourself time and grace.

Now, you can take a money script checkup. It is designed to help you gain insight into your unique money belief(s). Knowing yourself better is a starting point for making changes and improving your overall financial health.

Money Script has been found to be associated with money attitudes, financial behaviors, and other aspects of financial wellness.

Money scripts are:

  • Learned in our childhood
  • Often just partial truths
  • Passed down from generation to generation
  • Responsible for our financial outcomes
  • Not always conscious

The importance of money beliefs cannot be overstated. Money Script has been used in research and found

to be associated with:

  • Your Income
  • Net worth
  • Credit cards and other debt
  • Financial behaviors
  • Other aspects of financial decisions

With awareness and a desire to change, you can turn limiting beliefs into opportunity. A healthier relationship with money is achievable.

Next, have A Quick Self-Check On Strength and Weakness That Will Make or Break Your Financial Plan.

Find out about Your Money Belief here.

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